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The Service Task

The service task currently is only capable of merging an existing WS-Policy fragment with a WSDL to create the server side WSIT configuration. Here are the properties that can be set on the wsit-service element.

Attribute Description Required
wsdl The WSDL file for the target service. yes
outputdir The directory where the generated files will be saved. yes
policy Specify a WS-Policy fragment to merge into the WSIT configuration. yes
class The fully qualified classname of the service implementation class. yes
bindingpolicy Specifies the id of the policy to apply. yes
inputpolicy Specifies a policy to apply to all input operations. no
outputpolicy Specifies a policy to apply to all output operations. no
updatewsdl If set to true, the wsdl will be updated with policy. This removes any WSIT specific configuration from the wsdl. no
wsdloutdir The output folder for the wsdl. Defaults to the outputdir. no

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